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Mechanical design & drafting
BLH Drafting Services is a small company providing 2D and 3D mechanical design and drafting.  We focus on providing individual attention to the customer and project alike - 'on time and on budget'. We assist small and medium businesses in the product design and development lifecycle.

3D parametric modelling

3D models are created for prototyping, design checking & validation and used in the creation of manufacturing drawings. Being parametric makes the models easily adaptable for design configuration changes. This can drive down time and cost. We specialise in general product design, sheetmetal development & frames.

2D and 3D mechanical design and drafting

2D Drawings incorporate the 3D models to ensure accuracy & drastically reduce the usual manual drafting errors. Drawings can be provided in several document formats including PDF, AutoCAD DWG & DXF formats and many others. We also offer a full printing service of all ISO-A series sheets (A4 to A0).

Both drawings and the models are release driven ensuring accurate and repeatable design iterations.

A further service we offer is conversion of existing paper drawings to 3D CAD models and drawings.
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